Meet Rita!

My name is Rita Senier and I have been a Trainer and Group Exercise instructor forRita_marathon 8 years now!  Wow! I must really love it here!!!  I consider the BAC my “other” home.

I’ve been teaching Group Exercise for about 30 years now as a part time way to make extra money while attending college. I have 3 kids, Shaylyn 20, Siobhan 18, and Patrick 14. They keep me really busy in the very best way.  Being a trainer allows me the flexible schedule to be a mom too.


I love running and have run 6 marathons, and too many half marathons and 10k’s to count. Running clears my head and is definitely my “happy place”. Cooking is my hidden passion. I attended the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts. What started as a class here and there turned into a 2 year culinary arts certificate. Preparing healthy meals and focusing on the whole person as a trainer is important to me.
One of my favorite exercises combos is the dynamax ball burpee, 4 mountain climbers, toss and catch….its a total body intensive combo. Try it, or ask me and I’ll show you!!!
Did you know?! Rita was a paralegal for the General Counsel in the State House for 11 years before going back to school for exercise science.
If you’re interested in doing a free fitness consult, training with Rita, or asking how exactly she does it all, the best way to reach her is via email:

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