Meet Brandon!

brandon Hi my name is Brandon! I am new to the BAC personal training staff having just recently graduated from the UMass-Amherst in the Spring of 2016 with a B.S. in Kinesiology and a minor in Psychology and Brain Sciences. I am Massachusetts native having lived in Waltham and Falmouth. During my college career, I was able to observe the full spectrum of health and fitness. I have worked in an outpatient physical therapy facility in which I saw plethora of musculoskeletal injuries and how to treat those injuries. Next, I interned with UMass-Amherst Sports Medicine Department where I worked with Division I athletes in rehabilitation and implementation of corrective exercise programs. Finally, last summer I interned as a strength and conditioning coach at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning in Woburn, MA. At this facility I worked primarily with high school and college athletes, helping reach their goals of becoming better athletes. Besides work, I enjoy reading, spending times outdoors with friends (hiking and boating), and watching Boston sports teams (especially the Patriots!!!). I am also training toward competing in my first powerlifting competition.brandon pic
Did you know?!
Brandon has a twin sister, Samantha!
If you’re interested in doing a free fitness consult, or just want to talk about the Pats, the best way to reach Brandon is via email:

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