Spring into Action!

Hi everyone-I’m really excited to help you through the next 6 weeks! It’s a tricky time of year- you may have fallen off those resolutions and goals, and we just had a holiday. The weather is really getting nice, which means more time outside, and warmer temps that put us in tank tops, shorts, and eventually bathing suits! I want you to feel good about yourself this summer, so we’ll all work together to stay on task for this weight loss challenge!

Since we just had the Boston Marathon, and many of us come away thinking, “well so and so ran it, I bet I can too…” It’s truly an inspirational event, so if you’ve been so inspired and springtime weather is calling you to the great outdoors, here’s an awesome article with tips regarding running. If you’re a beginner, or somewhat seasoned, I think the information here is truly valuable: How to Run

If you’re looking for a training guide, I’ve used this site frequently: Training plans. Feel free to modify as needed, to what is realistic for your schedule- remember, these are “guides,” not rules!

And don’t forget the importance of strength training, alongside your running. Strength training will prevent injury, will make you stronger, and faster. Be sure to warm-up, and cool-down with sufficient streching/ foam rolling. (Be sure to check-out our free foam rolling sessions!) Any of the training staff would be happy to help you with appropriate strength exercises or stretches to improve your range of motion. To learn more about me (or any of the staff), check out the staff page here!


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