Whoa! We’re Half Way There!

We’re half- way there, but you don’t need to be livin’ on a prayer! You CAN do this! I know some of you are at a point where you can focus more on this program, and for others, it’s just about some accountability and maintenance. Whatever your goal, you only have 3 more weeks. Time to assess- are you accomplishing what you had hoped to? Can you make one change to make a difference for the next 3 weeks? I’ve attached a couple links below here with some information to help!

What’s Actually Happening in your Body– I love this! I think it will really open your eyes to what exactly calories are and how they are processed in your body.

Weight Loss Strategies– Scientifically-backed tips to help you create healthy habits


A Quick Chat About BMI

BMI, or body mass index is a standardized calculation that physicians use to chart your height and weight. The value of the calculation is your BMI and can be found in a BMI chart. Some doctors pay deep attention to this value, and some understand that this standardization doesn’t take into account all body types. An example I often give is that of a gymnast or even a power lifter. These are individuals that likely have a high percentage of muscle in their bodies, and a scale only showing weight does not take this into account. If that person is a little shorter (as gymnasts often are), a BMI chart may not be relevant as a stronger, stockier body type will not be accurately reflected. The scale we use in the office also accounts for body fat percentage. This is a value I’m tracking for you so that you can note any change in your body composition. Body fat is what we’re trying to lose, and is the value we really should see go down. If your weight is changing little, but your body fat is decreasing- you guessed it, you’re gaining muscle and losing fat! to week changes can be hard to note, but over the course of 6 weeks, a change should be noticable.  This is of course, the goal and why some distinction between these values is important.  BMI is a guide, and plays a role, but work to make changes with your body composition and you will see a natural improvement for your BMI. Most physicians will recognize that BMI is of little consequence if you are at the cusp of one range to another in a BMI chart, but your physiological health is good, you’re active, and you lead a healthy lifestyle. Continue to focus on general health improvements and making those body composition changes with exercise and a healthy diet!

And Now, Some Recipes

I subscribe to Cooking Light (actually it was gifted to me), and while not every recipe is always super light, they’re often recipes with a different take on a higher calorie dish. Most of the time the recipes are pretty easy, don’t require a ton of prep, or ingredients I haven’t heard of, and they’re a little more exciting than something I would come up with on a week night. That said, I just received the latest issue and found myself “dog-earing” every page. I thought I’d share some of my favorites below:

Champagne Mangoes– I love mangoes, at all times. These are in fact, in season, and we bought some. And they are a DELICIOUS treat. Add to the smoothie recipe below or have as a dessert!

Fruit Nut Smoothie– This is made with light coconut milk, but you can certainly use almond milk (or another kind). Remember though, coconut milk may be a bit higher in  fat, BUT fat is not evil! You need some fat in your diet to keep you satisfied. It’s all about the quality of the fat. This is clearly a better choice than a Snickers bar 😉

Black Bean Burgers– I love black bean burgers! Black beans are so good for you. This is a great food prep choice so you have a few lunches for the week!

Red Snapper Watermelon Salsa– Fish is so easy to cook, but I loved the salsa here! Who’s ready for some watermelon?! Nothing screams summer like this salsa!

Ratatouille Stuffed Shells– I have fond memories of stuffed shells and I have fond memories of ratatouille in the summer. Here is a much healthier choice when you need your pasta fix (and you want actual pasta, not spirilized vegetables lol). Perfect example of a “lighter” version of a dish- everything in moderation here!


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