Meet Daniel!

Hi BAC, I’m Daniel! I’m an avid fitness enthusiast. I’ve been working on my BS at UMass Boston in Exercise  and Health Sciences. I’m very active and love anything sports-related. I’m at big fan of football, basketball and snowboarding. During the summer-time you can find me hiking, camping, at a big music festival or chasing sunsets. […]

Meet Jake!

Hey everyone! My name is Jake and I couldn’t be more excited to become part of the incredible BAC family. I am originally from Miami, FL but spent most of high school living and studying in beautiful Costa Rica. Why move from paradise to cold New England you might ask? Well, before I began my […]

New Year, New Fitness Consult!

If you are trying to understand how to workout in our new fitness space, you’ve set a goal to train for something, or you are simply trying to build a workout routine- a fitness consult is meant for you! If you’re a new member to the BAC, you may not have had a fitness consult with our […]

Thinking of Dieting? Think Again!

It’s the time of year when we make our fitness resolutions and often feel that part of those goals should entail “dieting.” It’s easy to get caught in a ‘fad diet,’ and we may end up trying something that is more harmful than helpful- especially when trying to ramp up your physical activity. This article […]

Fat loss and weight lifting

All too often I hear folks say, “I don’t want to bulk up.” Well, here’s an article to help debunk the belief that heavy lifting automatically translates to Schwarzenegger size muscles. Check-out this article to help you understand the benefits of strength training in combination with different formats: Should I lift light or heavy??

What’s “healthy?”

I thought this article brought to light a really interesting point- how foods get labeled “healthy,” and whether or not that’s really true for the consumer! Food labeling and be confusing and product marketing can confuse the issue further for consumers. All the more reason to gain a better understanding of food labels and what […]

Feta-Quinoa Cakes

This recipe from “Cooking Light” was really delicious! I made these for dinner and had them for my lunches through the week. I cut out the dressing mixture and instead topped with an egg, salsa, some avocado, or a dollop of hot sauce depending on what I felt like. I also used arugula instead of spinach some days. You can go […]