Fitness Consult & Training

Our free fitness consultation is an opportunity for members that sets us apart from other clubs in the area. Whether your a new member, a current member who would like to set new fitness goals, or you just want to know why your knees always hurt when you squat- this is the perfect time for us to help! During the consult, we’ll get to know you and your fitness needs. We’ll also bring you through a movement screen, which feels like a warm-up. The movement screen will show us any joint or muscle imbalances you may have (that could contribute to that knee pain, for example); and, we can help point out ways to help you correct those asymmetries.

At the BAC, we pride ourselves on having a diversely educated, and well-rounded professional training staff. It’s important to us that you have proper form, technique, and we will teach you exactly how to strengthen to help you meet your specific fitness goals. Working with a trainer that is the best fit for you, you will have a personalized fitness experience, while staying motivated through your workouts! Keep scrolling below to find your trainer!

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