Exercise for Blood Vessel Health

For those of you who may be a bit older, heart health can be a front and center concern. Even if you’re young, but have a family history of heart disease, you want to make healthy lifestyle choices a habit! According to the CDC, 1 on every 4 deaths every year is from heart disease. Coronary […]

What makes you think you’re ready for golf?

We’ve made it- it’s the time of year people start planning for spring. Fantasizing about better weather and what they will be doing in June. A lot of people are organizing annual golf trips or making plans for their own personal opening day on the links. My question is what are you doing to get ready […]

Meet Angela!

Hi there! My name is Angela Skarpelis and I have the great fortune of being the newest addition to the BAC personal training team. A little bit about me… The proud child of two amazing immigrant parents, I grew up in southern California, though I’ve moved around a lot since, having settled in Boston almost […]

Battling with Battle Ropes

The battle ropes are another great way to challenge your upper body muscular endurance and aerobic capacity! They can be used as an exercise within a strength circuit or you can complete the rope exercises within their own interval set. While using the ropes try to stay relaxed, keep your core engaged, and don’t forget […]

Equipment We Love- Lifting with Specialty Bars!

Trap/Hex Bar (60lbs)- If you haven’t used these bars for your deadlifts before, they can really be helpful to improve your form. Having the plates set out to the side and the bar surrounding your body will load the weight into your core more directly, making you use the back of your legs/glutes for the movement. As […]

Equipment We Love- Training Your Lats!

Our new rig allows for a lot of different attachments as discussed in our previous post. We have a few more larger pieces that will specifically help you work on engaging your latissimus dorsi muscle (lats) through scapular retraction and pull-up training. Rings– Like the TRX, this is a great tool to use for rows, […]

Equipment We Love- Rig Attachments

Last week’s post was with regard to the stall bar racks and some stretching/activation exercises that can be done with them. This week, another even larger addition to the new fitness center has some different offerings for you! There are quite a few attachments for the rig that can help you with your strengthening exercises […]