Let the Rhythm Move You!

Hey I’m Luke and going to briefly discuss how music can influence exercise! Without music you have little to no energy. In the fitness industry we are able to utilize music to physically and mentally become more focused by way of creating stimulus which can ultimately lead to optimal performance. This is especially the case with cardiovascular exercise. As […]


Hiking the Summer Away: Part 5- Almost there!

Back from VT, our next venture into the woods was Cannon Mountain! I wanted to climb something more challenging that would push my endurance and my legs. This would be our final adventure before Mt. Washington, and I had to be sure I could hack it! I just love spending time in the White Mountains, […]

Hiking the Summer Away: Part 1 “It Starts”

The goal this summer was to hike Mt. Washington. The most prominent peak east of the Mississippi. If you’ve ever entertained this thought, you well know Mt. Washington is also known for its extremely dangerous, rapidly changing weather conditions. The mountain has the fastest recorded wind speed (not associated with a natural disaster like a hurricane) atop its […]

Meet Janine

Janine is an NSCA certified strength & conditioning specialist and has been a personal trainer on the BAC staff for 1.5years. Originally from Connecticut, Janine went to college here in Boston, and fell in love with the city! She has a Bachelor of Science and Masters Degree in Athletic Training. Janine is enjoying stretching her […]